Youngest in our bunch, hard worker and customer friendly. Short but attentive, couldn't help that since she is barely 5 ft. tall.
She is in training she says to be like Rosario except she can't sing. 


Always smiling and also a hard worker. Still getting to know Jackie as she is our newest employee. Ready to take on each day and take care of all our guests at Little Italy.

Assist Rosario with prep work in kitchen and assist girls in front as needed. Doing a great job.


Salad and sandwich bar, dinning room to make sure you have what you need for your table, or you might see her pop in to help with a dinner. Proud mom of two. Part time help, full time teacher at private Christian school. When school starts back will work occasionally days, mostly dinners as her full time teaching will take priority.

Our Staff

Owners:Donna & Alfredo Cali

Little Italy was started in 1978 by Founders Josephine & Vito, Donna's Aunt & Uncle. Donna & Alfredo came for a visit and fell in love with Inverness and decided to stay. Helping and building Little Italy to what it is today. Many family recipes go back over 100 years. Although they are maintain full ownership of Little Italy they are currently living in California, a new adventure in their life. Full Italian restaurant serving lunch and dinner called: Con Amore, Corona CA.

Chef (COOK) Rosario Cali

Rosario brings TWENTY years of Little Italy experience to your table. NOT AN OWNER OR PARTNER, just a regular worker like everyone else but works a lot more hours and will be the first to tell you he is not a chef, he is a cook. Best cook I know!  Was a hands on student learning from only the best, his family, OWNERS of Little Italy Donna and Alfredo Cali. Now with family living in California he has his own spin on all of it. Rosario and wife now managing Little Italy for Donna and Alfredo.


Patricia Cali (Patty)

Wanting to help at her husband Rosario side, Patricia decided to joined Little Italy. NOT AN OWNER OR PARTNER. Regular employee like everyone else. Helping across the board, jack of trade and always with a smile.
​How can one not smile, food is a happy time.

Steve Snowman

At this point practically family, retired several years ago from his official job but can't retire from his Little Italy family. Yes! Thank you Snowman! 

A new chapter at Little Italy!

Vito and Josephine came to Inverness Florida and opened Little Italy in 1978.

Alfredo and Donna joined them in 1995, commuting from Orlando in the beginning.

Rosario came to help in 1999, fell in love with Inverness and is now managing

Little Italy with his wife Patrizia. 

When Rosario met Patrizia at Little Italy in 2012, who knew how that would turn

out to be love at first sight and now working side by side here at Little Italy.   

A Love Story



Little Italy of Inverness

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