Little Italy of Inverness

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Little Italy has many items that can be pre-ordered. From lunch specials to holiday specialty foods, assorted breads, etc...

Some pre-ordered options include:
Italian sausage, prepared once a week, not always the same day and mostly all by pre-order. Sometime there is extra, however, when there are several pre-orders sometimes there is no sausage for the taking. Pre-order works the best. One week notice is also best so we can plan as well.
Sweet, Hot or PCW Parsley, Cheese and Wine.

Breads: Italian Loaf, Old Fashion Round, Focaccia, Olive Loaf, Dinner Rolls, Kaiser Rolls, and lets not forget the Sub Roll.

Lunch Specials, (Lunch specials are limited, first come basis).

Hot lunch special comes with side salad or soup and some fresh bread.
Meatball plate also comes with salad or soup and some bread.

OTHER Pre-orders ideas:
Pizza, Meatballs, Sauce, slice lunch meats or assorted Cheeses, Catering tray or platters, Office Lunch, Desserts.

PRE_ORDER - Holiday Specialty Foods such as:

St Joseph Day Pastry: Zeppole or Sfinge.
Easter: Pizza Rustica (Meat Pie), Pizzagrano (Wheat Pie), Pane di Pasqua (Easter Bread), or
Cassatelle (Cassatelle is the one with the Easter Eggs in it).
Christmas: Rainbow Cookies, Italian Cheesecake, Italian Cookies, Biscotti, and Struffoli (Honey Balls) maybe... etc...
As there is on;y one person preparing all items, not everything will always be available and the priority of pre-orders determines what will be done vs what will not be done.

Cookies throughout the year:  Italian Butter Cookie with assorted filling, Biscotti, Anise Biscotti (sometimes), Wedding Cookie, "S" Cookie, Haselnut Biscotti (Gluten Free), and Regina (Sesame).

Also let's not forget that Cannoli & Sfogliatelle available almost daily.

Don't feel like cooking,

preorder a dinner to go.

Many items cannot be done on the spot, please keep in mind. Little Italy cooks to order so it's fresh. Many items needs advance notice. Just call and speak to Rosario...

Don't see it on list? Call and ask...